Air pollution is a serious social problem in china. It harms people’s lungs and air tubes everyday, especially PM 2.5. PM2.5 is a particle that is less than or equal to 2.5 microns in diameter. It can come in our lungs and hard to be ex......


Temperature Humidity Dtetor,PM2.5 Dtector,Arduino Nano,Bluetooth and battery.

Unigraphics NX 


MIT APP inventor


  I designed an algorithm to work with the problem.

  First of all, I set serial variables.


“gain” is the data got by the PM 2.5 detector.

“sum” is the result of a group of data.

“z” is  an variables that serve for the function.

“wsd” is the data about temperature and humidity.

“c”, “t” and “h” are the output digital.

The passage means that if the first data got by the PM 2.5 detector is 170, then z is 0 and the NO. z number is the data named gain. But ,if the first one is not 170, then z plus 1 and the NO. (z+1) one is “gain” . Then if z is 6 ,the “sum” equal the first number plus the second, third and fourth one. The if the fifth one equal “sum”, so it is right, others are not. Finally , use the formula:

Vpm 2.5 = [(first data * 256.0 + second data)/1024.00*5.00]* 200.00

And out put.


This passage means that the data about temperature and humidity multiply 100, then out put.

“delay(500)” means that the Arduino go over the all passage twice a second.

 At first, we want to built an mobilizable vector to carry a more precise detector system to raise data, but when we have done the Portable equipment there is not time left, so we have to give up the part. Anyway, we made our APP can connect the internet and download data, and we have already got the hardware and software, so we can finish our project when we go back to our school.


I design the appearance and structure of the product.

I use the Unigraphics NX to construct model for our product.

I construct the model for all of electronic component, Temperature Humidity Dtector,PM2.5 Dtector,Arduino Nano,Bluetooth and battery.


Temperature Humidity Dtector                 PM2.5 Dtector

Arduino Nano                                  battery


Then,design their construction in the box and put them tidily.






Draw the frame of the whole structure, And use it to construct a cuboid as a rough frame of internal components(65mm x 20mm x 53mm)









After Offset Surface and Shell,make it’s shape likes a box(70mm x 30mm x 63mm),

Cut out of a plane,and build some cuboid as a support.

Build some cuboid as a support for internal components.





In order to guarantee the stability of the stents,I split them and restructuring.


Cut a slot for fixed,and to make interface joint with it.


In a similar way,make a lid for the box.




Cut a round hole for PM2.5 Dtector.

Then,make a rotating shaft for the box to make this box is connected to a battery pack.

Now,the box has completed the bove.

Then,make a battery pack is no different,

A cuboid ,

Offset Surface and Shell,





A lid,

The same,cut out of the groove used to fixed.






Also,make a rotating shaft for the battery to make this battery pack is connected to the box.

Now,two box had already finished.

Then make a rotating shaft for two box to fixed,

All the parts are finished.

These are the renderings.



The tradition make a app is use the app store ,but if you never studied java language, that is so difficult to do it. and then Google make a website, is the foreign search engine, that let people more easy to make a app. After Google want to spread to China so he sell to a company in the Guangdong (a China city ) at last . And then this company change something of website and popularize. The website name is MIT APP INVENTOR . Because it so easy to used so many people like it very much .IT is mainly to a sort of people that no foundation but want to make app .


Because of we have a great plant in our team . it is so enormous so our teacher suggest our that to choose a part of plant to realize .we decide to make a detector and need a person to make  APP which is mine.

Every app is software is help people resolve something or relax themselves. It is the tool and let people’s life more convenience . I make this app is in order to let people more understand the environment in their life . and can more effective to protect their life. First I want to introduce how to make a app and my think .

Making a app have two part that is component design and logic design.   The component design is about something we need to show with people in the screen and something we need to save. It is the logic design’s foundation . you only design it and then you can design next . 

In the component panel you can found all you need .the component design like a artist design a production more like a person face and clothes. Only you have a beautiful or handsome face and wear a nice clothes . you will attract more people to like you and attention you . so you should use component to make a screen that many people like it.


And the logic design like a person ‘s brain control it to realize what function of it. So you should command that tell it what should you do and how to do it .   How to do it .More like teacher teach students.


Because we want to do a detector and want to show some data in the app. According to our discussion ,we decide we need to show 3data in the app that is temperature ,humidity and PM2.5. and the PM2.5is the most important than other. When I design the screen , I think every button should be take the place of by icon . because the pattern more easy to remember and let people more like . nobody like spend many time to remember some character . however ,the PM2.5 have many phases so I mainly make 3 phases. Respectively are excellent(less than 35), good(35~75) and bad(greater than 75).when the PM2.5’s data is excellent the font color is green .when the PM2.5’S data is good the font color is yellow .



when the PM2.5’s data is bad the font color is red .why did we do this? Because that let people more easy to understand the pollution in their life .


they only to see what color is it and then can under stand and to do some behavior to protect ourselves . and why do I put a smiley face and a crying face on the screen?


If you see that so careful you can discover the smiley face is big and the crying face is more smell than smiley face. My prose is suggest we will have happy more than sadly in our life . everyday we should life in the happy. And can let app screen more cute .let people more like . the background is white . because the white can let people think about clean and pureness. I think the life should be pureness. The app like life should be pureness like love should be pureness.




  We use 3D printer to build outer case.

I connected the wires and in put the algorithm. And we made it connect with the smart phone by Bluetooth and APP.


The I put them together.




Final text.

It works!